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I decided to leave here just a few messages from students and friends that over time have become more than great  friends. Some, although far away, are close thanks to the technological resources that have brought  people from the farthest places they can imagine.

The teaching experience is  it is also the experience of learning. Therefore, every teacher when he teaches is happy to learn something new and this  exchange, in some way, modifies us in the way of seeing and feeling life.


For my friends and students, if I donated some experience and/or knowledge, I received it in double.

Teaching, for me, will always be an art of learning about people and cultures!  

Thank you to everyone who started this with me  fantastic journey "in learning  of the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil"!

"To whom it may concern. My name is César Millán, I am Mexican, I am 19 years old and I study Portuguese  distance. My teacher's name is Regina dos Santos, she is always   interested in optimizing each class to improve my knowledge of the language. We use Skype to do video lessons in real time, we use books and other audiovisual resources. She is very interesting and helped me to solve my doubts, bringing me closer to the Brazilian linguistic and cultural context, allowing me to know  people and above all music, movies and places. I am very happy to be able to learn from an expert like her, and I am very satisfied with her work. César Millan."

César Millan, Student


"Regina was a very attentive, dedicated teacher. She is very smart. I really like the way she teaches. I had to go back to Italy. But a year of Portuguese with this teacher helped me a lot. She knows how to give a good class for us to remember for all life!"

Vanessa Venturelli, Student




"I can safely recommend Regina because she is  my friend for many years. It has character  honest and, above all, a person you can count on in times of difficulty. In the professional field, he has excellent knowledge in the area in which he specializes: it is  dynamic, very creative has initiative -  characteristics that I consider very important in the professional area of teaching.

His great knowledge of the use of resources offered by the computer add more value to his professional capacity."

Berenice Torquato Tillo, Friend


"Good morning, I was a student of Professor Regina.  She knew how to teach Portuguese in a very clear way. She also made it possible for me to get to know the country where Portuguese is spoken, she made me love Brazil. I think that learning a language is not just about learning grammar, although it is important, but it is also about knowing the culture, customs, history, the people who speak the language we study. Regina knew how to explain the grammatical rules to me in a simple way, so I could understand quickly. She also knew how to give very clear explanations in conversation classes, for me it was simple to learn to speak and converse, and I think Portuguese  a wonderful language. I end by saying that Regina is a teacher who knows how to teach very well. She works with love and I think this work is both important and difficult."

Antonela Lentini, Student


"Dear, good evening! I worked with the professional Regina dos Santos at NUPPS and I have only positive references about her. Rarely do we find a professional of her caliber, being extremely dedicated, always willing to teach (but without losing her humility in the opposite moments, that is, "to learn") and, despite being redundant, with deep knowledge in teaching the language. Even though we no longer work together, to this day I use her for corrections of texts that I carry out. In addition, I highlight her good relationship with everyone, valuing respect for colleagues and availability to help everyone. I definitely recommend Regina to do what she knows best: teach and learn. Any questions, I'm at your disposal. Angélica Marin. Cell: 11 95243-9987."

Maria Angelica Bento Marin, Others



"Hi my name is Vanessa Bohrer, I'm 15 years old and I took tutoring with Regina Dos Santos for two years, when I felt ready not to do tutoring anymore, my grades dropped a lot so I decided to go back to taking lessons with her, until today I consider her my best teacher, I love her classes and evaluating her work as a professional I think she is excellent! Sincerely Vanessa! "

Vanessa Bohrer Faria, Student


"Regina is a very competent and dedicated professional in the field of education. She is an example of inspiration to other professionals, since she really loves what she does! The result of this could not be anything less than a lot of quality and differentiated classes."

Nadia Marques, Friend




"The best language learning experience of my life"

Marek Warzywoda, Student



"Regina is a wonderful teacher (and person). She is completely dedicated to her students. Thanks to her I was able to learn the language. She is didactic, she knows what she is talking about. It was a pleasure to have been her student "

Solange Plesr, Student

Four characteristics define Regina: smart, strict, funny (very funny) and professional. His classes are quality, a patient (but demanding) person. Work hard for the student to learn.  

It was a pleasure having her as a teacher.

William Bauer Smith



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